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October 28 2017

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You ever notice that the same people who think K-12 children need to fight back and stand up to their bullies in order for said bullies to stop are often those who tell Black People to show kindness and “love” the people who literally want to string us up by our necks and light us on fire.

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horror story

Who the hell eats the wax?

Who eats exoskeletons???

…..I’m not gonna lie. The first time I had one of those baby bell cheeses I ate the exoskeleton. My mom saw me do it and was like “what the fuck are you doing?!?” 😭

oh yeah no, me too actually - i remember initially being super confused and wondering if it was meant to be eaten and was too embarrassed to ask (a common state of mine, i won’t lie), so i waited to see how others ate it before digging into one myself lol. 

in the last reblog, i was just trying to riff off of what the other person said, but i dunno if it sounds as funny as i had thought? it was also super late when i read & reblogged this so…. lol. 

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some High Art for the last day of ace awareness week

cus what’s the point of being ace if you can’t be hella dramatic about it

love you everyone, goodnight.

I love this lol

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horror story

Who the hell eats the wax?

Who eats exoskeletons???

deciding on a type and where to buy a chewy necklace is proving more difficult than expected

i think i’m gonna sleep on it and try again later. i have the pen cap in the meantime.

night night tumblr!!




hey so riddle me this exclusionists:

how tf can you continue to insist that “allo” is a slur but then wield “aceys” and “asexies” as if they’re harmless jokes? IMHO, aceys and asexies are being used much more consistently as slurs than allo; which actually serves a REAL purpose linguistically whilst aceys and asexies exist purely to harm us. I’ve only ever seen allo used (seemingly) genuinely offensively twice but aceys and asexies are used to PURELY offend all. the. time. 

but of course, it never counts if it’s against us aceys amirite?!?! 

asexies is a slur now

never said it was but i knew jerks like you would jump on my post and insist that’s my argument. 

to be clear, my point is this:

none of them are in fact slurs but allo(romantic/sexual) gets called a slur for the exact same reasons that the words “aceys” and “asexies” were actually explicitly created: with the intention of harming the entire aspec community. i’m saying that this is transparent, hypocritical, and aphobic as fuck and it’s gotta stop now.

October 27 2017








whenever someone writes the words “inherently LGBT”, somewhere, a rainbow dies

I’m sorry but I disagree. I’m genderqueer and polysexual, well into the lgbtq fam. What is considered lgbtq is often an agreed upon social construct yes, many of the behaviors we expect from lgbtq people are rooted in stereotypes. But some people are inherently lgbtq because that’s how they were born, personally I figured it out later, but some people just know. There are also groups that are inherently lgbtq because they were built by and for the community. I can see how that phrase opens the door for The Straights to invalidate us, but it also gives us the opportunity to say “this is OURS you are not gonna come into our club and take it away or make it straight cause it’s inherently FOR lgbtq people”. Just my two cents. Hope it was coherent enough 😅

I think I see what you’re saying but I still stand by my OP. I’m cis panromantic and demisexual (just so ppl know) and the reality is that the spectra of genders and orientations existed long before the LGBT+ ever came to be (and would still technically exist without it). IOW, our Identities’ existence DO NOT rely on the existence of the LGBT+. Our safety and a ton of other things related to our IDs certainly can rely on it (which is why it was CREATED in the first place), but the existence of our IDs is not dependant on the LGBT+. Does that make sense?

How we talk about our IDs and the words we use to label them may have changed over time, but there’s no reason to believe these things haven’t always been here. The LGBT+ is literally only necessary because society is bigoted as hell and takes it out a lot on people specifically for their gender, sexual, &/or romantic orientations. So the LGBT+ is about addressing our marginalization and abuse against that bigotry and if it didn’t exist, we wouldn’t even need the LGBT+. Wouldn’t that be kinda awesome???

Moreover, what is and is not included in the LGBT+ acronym is not even REMOTELY static. It changes depending on time, place, people, etc. For example, TERFs/nbphobes will never include the T or the N, and bi/panphobes will never include the B or the P (& no exclusionist tends to include the + bc that leaves things open and gorsh, u sure wouldn’t want that! /s). So we cannot even agree on what to include at one single point in time so how on EARTH could there ever be anything “inherent” about it?!

This is literally all about hatekeeping who can and cannot be included and I want you all to watch closely because I don’t think I’ve seen a single person saying “inherently LGBT” that ever included the +. At MOST you’ll see them add the “PN”. That’s significant.

tl;dr, saying there is such a thing as “inherently LGBT” is a-historic and can be a gatekeeping tactic. It’s also essentializing and naturalizing the very NEED for an LGBT+ and, as a result, confirms for the Straights that we are in fact the “abnormal” ones and so we really DO deserve the abuse they inflict upon us (as they’ve always been trained to believe). Especially when they see us picking-on, bullying, excluding, and/or abusing each other, like MY. GOD. STOP.


Oh oh ooooh I see what you’re saying. Yeah lgbtq is kind of a club. We existed as individuals and realized we shared a likeness and formed a group based on that shared trait. Your identity and expression would be valid if the lgbtq group dissipated because well it’s just a name and associative clique.

I think some people rightly take offense to the association of the word “club” with the LGBT+/q***r communities, but your point is otherwise well made & taken. 

I can see that. It implies the age old stereotype of sexuality and gender are choices and can be unchosen. Shoulda been better with my word choice

No worries friend, it’s a learning opportunity and that’s a good thing :)



@anduinsholydick replied to your post “ugh i really need to stop sucking my tongue bc it’s just getting so…”
get one of the chewy silicone necklaces, some of them have good shapes for sucking

ty, i really think i’m gonna. this pen cap is a saving grace. i can even hold my tongue down with it while i chew, so it’s a great thing in the interim.  bc it’s really getting bad with the sucking. meanwhile as i chew this, my body keeps getting waves of chill and goodness and peace so i’m just gonna keep on lol omg i love this. 

question is though: what shape to get?!?!?!?!?

I have the circle bc I like to chew more than suck, and play with it. I think there’s a mushroom one that’s good for sucking?

I chew & suck, i think it’s like… a mouth pressure thing. it almost feels the best when i clamp down on it hard and just hold it. that’s when i get the most pleasant waves. and i guess i do kinda suck too. it’s like a clamping and sucking, although maybe less sucking now that i can clamp more. i also chew a bit. i dunno, might change with a different texture. i’m just fucking thrilled, i kinda feel like flying a bit lol 

@anduinsholydick replied to your post “ugh i really need to stop sucking my tongue bc it’s just getting so…”
get one of the chewy silicone necklaces, some of them have good shapes for sucking

ty, i really think i’m gonna. this pen cap is a saving grace. i can even hold my tongue down with it while i chew, so it’s a great thing in the interim.  bc it’s really getting bad with the sucking. meanwhile as i chew this, my body keeps getting waves of chill and goodness and peace so i’m just gonna keep on lol omg i love this. 

question is though: what shape to get?!?!?!?!?


sometimes i worry that… ppl so strongly associate me with “w e i r d” that even the fairly ordinary things that I do are still read as “B A D” when done by me

@queerwiki replied to your post “ugh i really need to stop sucking my tongue bc it’s just getting so…”
try one of those chewy necklaces maybe? i have one and it works good for me you can get them any place that sells stim toys

for some reason that didn’t occur to me, ty for suggesting it! i am kinda testing the theory on a pen cap as we speak, which doesn’t have a great chewy texture or anything but it’s already helping bc it’s giving me somewhere to direct my mouth stimming without the minty flavour (which i don’t always want) and all the crap getting stuck in my teeth (AHHHHHHHHHZOMG I HATE THAT, SO TERRIBLE, MUST ALWAYS PICK!!!). my mouth is already feeling slightly relieved. I mean, i still am sucking on my tongue but chewing cuts it down a LOT, breaks it up, makes room, etc. this is good, ty!!!!

ugh i really need to stop sucking my tongue bc it’s just getting so dry and rough, it’s getting ridiculous. i’m assuming it’s the stress making me do it so strongly and incessantly, bc it’s somehow calming & comforting to do this. but i cannot stand what it does to my tongue, lips, and entire mouth actually (which are actually all burning from being pressed so tightly for so long)

i think i need to take actual real steps to cut this down

any tips/suggestions??? all i can think of is gum but it’s not always practical and i find it gets stuck in my teeth and that is just so so bad and uncomfortable too so… HELP!

On Capital Punishment






tie-dyelife​ replied to your post I will never understand how people could think murder is an…”

I envy your way of thinking. I just can’t get past the injustice. Not that it would make it right by any means, but an eye for an eye getting what you give makes more sense to me.Hope all is well dear.

Hi friend! Thanks for your input, and I hope that all is well with you too! 

I know that it seems logical and appropriate to respond to a murder in kind, but it doesn’t actually address any underlying problems and really just makes things worse for everyone involved. For instance, when a country uses murder as a response to murder, that country is condoning murder. It is participating in murder, is enabling murder, is ENCOURAGING murder as an appropriate response to things we don’t like. Is that something you actually want to be a part of? If murder makes you so angry, why would you participate in it? If it is so very wrong, WHY DO IT?!?! Moreover, it’s NOT a deterrent (x) and the system is incredibly flawed and biased so we cannot rely on it NOT to murder people for murder who are INNOCENT! (x)

Not only is capital punishment a theoretical/social nightmare, it is also a financial nightmare. It is SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than no death penalty! Consider Kansas as an example:

Defending a death penalty case costs about four times as much as defending a case where the death penalty is not sought, according to a new study by the Kansas Judicial Council. Examining 34 potential death-penalty cases from 2004-2011, the study found that defense costs for death penalty trials averaged $395,762 per case, compared to $98,963 per case when the death penalty was not sought. Costs incurred by the trial court showed a similar disparity: $72,530 for cases with the death penalty; $21,554 for those without. Even in cases that ended in a guilty plea and did not go to trial, cases where the death penalty was sought incurred about twice the costs for both defense ($130,595 v. $64,711) and courts ($16,263 v. $7,384), compared to cases where death was not sought. The time spent on death cases was also much higher. Jury trials averaged 40.13 days in cases where the death penalty was being sought, but only 16.79 days when it was not an option. Justices of the Kansas Supreme Court assigned to write opinions estimated they spent 20 times more hours on death penalty appeals than on non-death appeals. The Department of Corrections said housing prisoners on death row cost more than twice as much per year ($49,380) as for prisoners in the general population ($24,690). (x)

So capital punishment is really just a horrible horrible thing that should have no place in a modern world. An eye for an eye is no way to approach crime control.

👏 👏 👏 

the death penalty doesn’t deter shit. you think trappers and gangbangers aren’t already living under threat of death daily? it ain’t stopping them. and if you know you’ll be executed if you’re convicted, it’s a lot of incentive to shoot it out with the cops.

Study: 88% of criminologists do not believe the death penalty is an effective deterrent

A recent study by Professor Michael Radelet and Traci Lacock of the University of Colorado found that 88% of the nation’s leading criminologists do not believe the death penalty is an effective deterrent to crime. The study, Do Executions Lower Homicide Rates? The Views of Leading Criminologists, published in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, concluded, “There is overwhelming consensus among America’s top criminologists that the empirical research conducted on the deterrence question fails to support the threat or use of the death penalty.” A previous study in 1996 had come to similar conclusions.

The criminologists surveyed included - 1) Fellows in the American Society of Criminology (ASC), (2) Winners of  the ASC’s Sutherland Award, the highest award given by that organization for contributions to criminological theory, or (3) Presidents of the ASC between 1997 and the present. Those presidents before 1997 had been included in the prior survey. Respondents were asked to base their answers on existing empirical research, not their views on capital punishment.

Nearly 78% of those surveyed said that having the death penalty in a state does not lower the murder rate. In addition, 91% of respondents said politicians support the death penalty in order to appear tough on crime – and 75% said that it distracts legislatures on the state and national level from focusing on real solutions to crime problems. Over all, 94% agreed that there was little empirical evidence to support the deterrent effect of the death penalty. And 90% said the death penalty had little effect overall on the committing of murder. Additionally, 91.6% said that increasing the frequency of executions would not add a deterrent effect, and 87.6% said that speeding up executions wouldn’t work either.

So as you can all see, we criminologists largely agree that empirically; the death penalty (and also “tough on crime/zero tolerance” shit”) is a T E R R I B L E excuse for “crime control” that’s causing more social harm than good. 

Pls help us criminologists bypass self-serving politicians by spreading this very important - and to a large degree PUBLICLY FUNDED - information far and wide!!!


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Reminder that if you technically experience sexual attraction, but still relate heavily to the asexual community and the asexual experience, you’re still a part of this community and still allowed to identify as asexual or ace-spec. It’s OK if you’re sex repulsed or have a low libido, it’s OK if it’s how you were wired or it came from or is related to something like trauma, mental illness, medication, neurodivergency or dysphoria. If using an ace-spec label and being part of this community is helpful to you then you’re welcome here.

i keep getting reminded: never switch litter brands, all others either don’t work well for odour &/or are too dusty, which gives me a rash and a makes mess everywhere.

i have so much brand loyalty for my cat’s litter now, holy shit lol

Donations Needed: I Might Be Homeless




Hi guys! I’m remaking this post because the last link didn’t work. 


Why I have no money:

  • I was kicked out of home months ago, but my father rented me a small unit near uni so I could still study
  • I am having issues with applying for centrelink, but it’s in the process
  • He stopped paying a while ago due to lies about me from my mother
  • I have been getting by on donations, grocery boxes from churches, and money I make tutoring and doing odd jobs
  • I have not been able to work much lately due to a neurological injury that has severely limited my arm movement (can’t reach, etc.)
  • All of my money lately has gone towards medical bills

Why I might be homeless:

  • My lease is not being renewed, no matter how much I beg (I don’t know why yet)
  • To move out I need money for moving and a new bond (4 weeks rent)
  • My father is demanding the bond for this place and threatening me, so I can’t use it for my new place
  • I have no family or friends I can move in with

What the money will be for:

  • bond ($1000+ AUD)
  • moving truck (if all else fails I’ll rent a ute for half a day and get friends to help me move, I don’t have much)
  • me surviving because I literally have no money for anything else, either


Please signal boost! I know this is a lot of money, but if everyone who saw this donated $1 it would make a huge difference!

Please reblog, I’ve only gotten two small donations. These do help, but I’m very very desperate. 

I can’t stress enough that I have nowhere to go if I can’t get a new place to live!

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